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The 500 Series medium-duty range features the Wide Cab, street smart Standard Cab, Built to Go and GT 1528 4x4.

All 500 Series models* boasts the most comprehensive active safety package of any Japanese truck in the medium-duty truck category. Not content with simply leading the market with the standard inclusion of Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) and Reverse Camera as standard, the Hino safety package also includes ABS, traction control, UN ECE R29-rated cab strength (single cab), Easy Start and ADR84/00 Front Underrun Protection (FUP).

Hino 500 Features

Proven quality, durability and reliability, combined with class leading chassis versatility, the Hino 500 Series remains the medium duty truck of choice for operators around the world.

With more than 90 models available, the outstanding Hino 500 Series range continues to offer medium duty trucks buyers total flexibility and choice.

The all new Hino 500 Series Wide cab boasts the most comprehensive active safety package of any Japanese truck in the medium duty truck category – in an Australian-first for this class, vehicle Stability Control is now fitted as standard across the new Wide cab range.

Another class-leading active safety feature is the standard inclusion of a microphone enabled reverse camera.




J07 five-cylinder diesel

The five-cylinder J07E engine is available in the Hino 500 Series medium duty standard cabmodels, and delivers more power, torque and better fuel economy and is rated at 220, 240 and 260 horsepower.

The J07E engine features enhance fuel mapping and a variable nozzle turbocharger (VNT) which improves fuel economy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

J07E engines meet Euro5 & ADR80/03 emissions level by the way of Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) and a Diesel Particulate active reduction filter (DPR)


J08E six-cylinder diesel and A09C six-cylinder diesel

The six-cylinder J08E and J09C engines have been enhanced and are available in the new Hino 500 Series Medium Duty Wide Cab models. Both deliver increased output, greater cooling, improved fuel efficiency and lower emissions.

Both engines feature a refinement package that includes a new turbocharger, revised water pump and cooling fan, and a switch from Bosch to Denso common-rail fuel injection, resulting in greater efficiencies.

In the improved J08E engine, maximum governed engine speed is higher as is the compression ratio and peak power output of 280 horsepower & 883Nm.

The A09C engine is the most powerful option and now up to 350 horsepower & 1422Nm.

Both J08E & A09C engines also benefit from the adoption of the new SCR emissions system, a highly tuned, cleaner burning engine which utilises AdBlue® as an exhaust emission after-treatment agent, making these engines fully Euro 5 and ADR 80/03 emission compliant.

Hino 500 Series owners can rest assured that their truck conforms with the latest emissions standards, while delivering increased performance and better fuel economy.



Standard Cab Models

The Hino 500 Series Standard Cab models offers the choice of manual, automated manual or fully automatic transmissions to match operational environments.

All 7 litre manual transmission models benefit from a Hino 6 speed synchromesh transmission that offers reliability and ease of driving.

IFC & FD models have the option of a Hino automated manual transmission that offers autonomous gear shifts and clutch operation through the incorporation of an ECU that controls these functions, matching road speed, power delivery requirements and the correct gear.

FE Automatic models are fitted with a 5-speed Allison automatic transmission with a Hino T-bar control.

Being fully-automatic, these transmissions have the benefit of true two-pedal operation for greater driver comfort and reduced fatigue plus, the assurance of always being in the correct gear for maximum fuel efficiency.


Wide Cab Models

The Hino 500 Series Wide Cab range offers the choice of both manual and fully automatic transmissions, to match operational environments.

Hino offer a 6-speed and two 9-speed manuals with three different 6-speed automatic variants specifically suited to the different engine and truck configurations.

Depending on the specification chosen, the 500 Series Wide Cab models utilise a Hino MX06, an Eaton ES11109 or a Hino M009OD manual transmission.

Hero of the range is the Hino 9-Speed M009OD which features a H over H-pattern with a Hi-Lo range selector switch, enabling the shift gates to be spaced further apart.

The automatic 6-speed transmissions are fuel-efficient Allison units with a push button shift selector.

Being fully-automatic, these transmissions have the benefit of two-pedal operation for greater driver footwell room, comfort and reduced fatigue plus, the assurance of always being in the correct gear for maximum fuel efficiency.

The Hino 500 Series Wide Cab automatic variants provide smooth and seamless full-power shifts for faster acceleration, promoting quicker route times throughout the day.

Interior Comfort

Interior Comfort

ISRI driver's seat for comfort and safety

Universally accepted as the best seat on the market, the ISRI 6860/870 series seat is fully air suspended and adjustable and can be configured to the body type of almost any driver.

The ISRI 6860/870 seat’s height, rake, cushion tilt, backrest, lumbar support, side bolsters and weight setting can all be adjusted by the driver using easy-to reach controls on the side of the seat.

As an added comfort feature, the ISRI seat selected by Hino features a fully integrated seat-mounted seatbelt.

Interior Comfort

Multimedia system

The Hino multimedia system boasts an extensive list of advanced features. It includes a 6.1 inch high definition touch screen, DAB+ digital radio, AM and FM radio, CD, DVD, USB input for connecting portable audio players and an SD card reader for accessing digital photographs, video and audio files.

The system also features the latest Bluetooth™ hands-free phone connectivity with voice dialling and full phone book functionality, as well as A2DP audio file Bluetooth™ streaming.

Interior Comforts 2

Reverse Camera

Fitted standard on Wide Cab models is a fully waterproof with infrared night vision and a microphone enabled main camera, to assist in driver safety and comfort while reducing the likelihood of property damage. Up to 2 x additional cameras can be fitted as an option.

Interior Comforts 2

Ergonomic cabin layout

All Hino trucks are ergonomically designed to provide a functional cabin, with fingertip controls and column stalks positioned so that the driver has no need to take their hands off the wheel at any time.

All 500 Series models are equipped with an instrument panel, which is designed to be read from various angles and lighting conditions. Every model is equipped with a tachometer, speedometer, and full suite of warning gauges and lights. The dash features blank DIN mounting holes to cater for accessories that may be added.

With fully adjustable tilt & telescopic steering offering multiple driving positions and pendulum style pedals resulting in reduced foot and ankle fatigue, all working together to provide greater driver comfort.

All new 500 Series Wide Cab models also have Hino Stop Start System, Differential lock, Eco Run, Engine Brake and Push Button Allison Gear Selector.



Vehicle Stability Control (VSC)

The all new Hino 500 Series Wide Cab boasts the most comprehensive active safety package of any Japanese truck in the medium duty truck category – in an Australian-first for this class, Vehicle Stability Control is now fitted as standard across the new wide cab range.

Vehicle Stability Control is designed to help the driver maintain vehicle control. It helps prevent side skids and stabilises the vehicle while turning on a curve. When the vehicle senses a loss of traction or a slip, braking is automatically applied to individual wheels and engine power is reduced to help secure the safety of the vehicle.


Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)

ABS prevents the wheels locking under heavy braking applications and assists the driver in maintaining control of the vehicle. 

Safety 2

Anti Slip Regulator (ASR)

Standard on all models except 4x4

Commonly called traction control, ASR can apply the brakes on individual wheels and control engine torque to provide enhanced traction under acceleration on slippery surfaces or when a wheel has lost traction (Bogged).

Safety 2

Front Underrun Protection System (FUPS)

Hino FUPS are standard on all 500 series models excluding 4x4. It is designed to interact with a light vehicle crumple zone in an accidents. FUPS also helps the steering remain intact so, in the moments after an impact, the vehicle can be safely steered to avoid further serious impact.

Hino is the first manufacturer in Australia to offer a version of this lifesaving technology across all three categories of trucks – light, medium and heavy duty.

The Hino 500 Series FUPS is certified to Australian Design Rule ADR 84 and European Safety Standard UN ECE-93.

Safety 3

ECE-R29 compliant crash safety

To meet the certification standard, Hino 500 Series single cabin models undergo frontal, rearward and roof strength tests.

This means that occupants have the peace of mind of knowing their truck’s cabin meets the internationally recognised European Structural Standards Regulation No. 20 (ECE-R29) for cabin strength.

In addition to this certification and all the above features, the Hino 500 Series has as standard safety equipment driver's SRS airbag, engine immobiliser, cruise control and electric and heated exterior mirrors with adjustable convex spotter and kerb observation mirror.

Safety 3

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